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Sun, 1st Feb 2009

The Science of the Seriously Small

Carbon nanotube animation (c) Schwarzm @ wikipedia

This week, we're studying the science of the seriously small - nanotechnology. We'll find out how tiny, flexible electronics could be implanted under the skin to restore lost sensation, and how tiny protein covered silicon "diving boards" can show us how superbugs evade antibiotics. Also, how sheets of carbon just one atom thick can be used to read the entire human genome in just a couple of hours, and how nanotech "motherships" can deliver exactly the right amount of drug, directly to where it's needed. Plus, the plant genome that could solve the food crisis, how our fingerprints help us to feel fine textures, and how a new way to make LEDs could slash our household bills. And, as if that wasn't enough, in Kitchen Science Dave will be looking for silver in soot!

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  • 09:37 - New LEDs to Slash household bills

    A new way of manufacturing LEDs could see household bills slashed, and even provide clean drinking water wherever it's needed...

  • 16:06 - Silver from soot

    Convert normal soot into a beautiful silvery substance using just a candle, some water and a mug...

  • 32:41 - Rapid DNA Reading with Graphene

    A sheet of carbon one atom thick could read the entire human genome in just a few hours. Dr Henk Postma explains more...

  • 39:06 - Mothership for Nanotechnology

    Porous Nanospheres could deliver drugs to exactly where they're needed - but we must make sure that the body can handle them once they've delivered the payload...

  • 44:55 - Spit and Polish

    Many years ago, I was obliged to polish to a mirror finish the leather shoes and belt of a certain sergeant to a mirror finish. The only way of achieving the desired result was to use copious quantities of spit, a trick which was taught to me by various people who had spent time...



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Hi - That was a fascinating preview of what could happen re water purification using gallium nitrite. Especially as I am in West africa now! Lisa, Sun, 1st Feb 2009

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