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Sun, 22nd Mar 2009

Stripping down Computer Science

A computer (c) Dave Ansell

This week, we'll strip computer science down to its components and find out what we should expect to see in the next 5 years. We find out about the thinking behind artificial intelligence, what the future holds for Second Life and how neuroscience can help us build truly intelligent computers. Plus, get your sunglasses out early this year for Kitchen Science where we make an LCD monitor vanish.

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  • 13:05 - Prospecting the Gravity Field

    The European Space Agency has launched the Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer, or GOCE for short. They say it’s going to bring about a whole new level of understanding of one of the Earth's most fundamental forces of nature – the gravity field

  • 18:08 - Can we dig our way from the UK to Australia?

    Can we tunnel our way from the UK to Australia?

  • 22:18 - How does Blu-tack work?

    Why is it that Blu-tack is very good at sticking one thing to another when it itself doesn’t feel that sticky?

  • 23:46 - The Future of Computing

    What's involved in computer research and can we make computers genuinely intelligent?



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I've never liked the term Computer Science.

It can be argued that the theoretical elements are a science (in the same way that Mathmatics is a science), however, there is very little science in everyday, applied computing. No sign of hypothesis, test, revise here.
I'd prefer Computer Engineering. Kevan Gelling, Tue, 7th Apr 2009

Why not mercury display raghavendra, Thu, 9th Apr 2009

I presume you mean display as in LCD display? Chemistry4me, Thu, 9th Apr 2009

Bingo raghavendra, Wed, 15th Apr 2009

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