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Sat, 25th Apr 2009

Cleaner City Air

Smokestacks from a wartime production plant, World War II. (c) Alfred Palmer

In this week's atmospheric Naked Scientists, we're putting the air that we breathe under the microscope. We find out how air quality is monitored, how new technology could help you plan the least polluted walk to work and why seaweed might be responsible for making it rain!  Also, we find out why dolphins spit for their dinner, how every cloud may have a lead lining and how the pesky mosquito's inspired a portable artificial pancreas. Plus, we get the low-down on the latest pandemic candidate - swine flu.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

Full Transcript

  • 17:28 - Checking City Air

    Ben Valsler met up with Jo Dicks, Principal Scientific Officer for Cambridge Council, to find out how urban air quality is measured...

  • 24:26 - Developing Mobile Environmental Monitors

    Hand-held environmental monitors would allow people to track their own exposure to pollutants - Professor Rod Jones has been developing a system that allows you to plan the lowest pollutant commute!

  • 32:08 - On the Road with Mobile Sensors

    We sent Meera out and about in Cambridge to find out how to monitor the atmosphere on the move...

  • 40:36 - Seaweed Seeds Clouds

    What happens on the sea shore can impact on the atmosphere across the country, as Stephen Ashworth explained to Chris...

  • 48:37 - Do magnets remove lime scale from water pipes?

    I’ve been told a magnetic field can dissolve lime scale in water pipes. Is this true and how does it work since the pipes and I believe the lime scale aren’t ferrous and not affected by a magnet.

  • 53:11 - What's so good about electric cars?

    Dr. Chris, why is the government hell bent on electric cars? The science doesn’t make sense. It’s not greener as the production of electricity can be dirty from power stations and the short life of batteries and they were expensive to replace and difficult to dispose of...



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