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Sat, 9th May 2009

Clean Water and Alien Invasions

Dniester in Bakota, Ukraine (c) JoanM at the Polish Wikipedia project.

This week, we're diving into the science of clean water, finding out why rivers and ponds are essential for wildlife, and how alien invaders are colonising our waterways.  Plus, how a diet of glycerol makes yeast live longer, how microbes in mosquitoes can block malaria and how planting trees could reduce your electricity bills.  We hear about the European Space Agency's Planck and Herschel missions to study the formation of galaxies and the fate of the universe, and in Kitchen Science, we explore the carbonated chemistry of fizzy water!

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  • 10:21 - Studying Space - The Launch of Planck and Herschel

    Thursday 14th May, all being well, we are going to see the launch of the European Space Agency’s Herschel and Planck missions which are studying the formation of stars and galaxies and background radiation, all sorts of exciting things. Dr Anthony Challinor joined us to explain...

  • 15:50 - Fizzy Acids - what happens when you carbonate water

    Discover what happens when you make water fizzy, why it then tastes so tangy and why this could cause problems for shellfish.

  • 20:07 - The Great Cam Cleanup

    The Great Cam Cleanup is a volunteer project to help keep the river Cam clean by picking out the litter, bikes and shopping trolleys that get dumped every year. Ben Valsler went along to help out...

  • 27:47 - Invasive Alien Species

    How foreign species are coming here and taking all our niches...

  • 36:47 - The Million Pond Project

    Alan Titchmarsh gives his recommendations on the perfect pond and Jeremy Biggs extolls the virtues of pond making on a grand scale.

  • 43:40 - Is the Sun Alive?

    Is the Sun Alive?



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Amy Rothstein asked the Naked Scientists: Plain carbonated water is acidic? I have been trying to calm an overly acidic stomach with acid water?? Wow. That explains it. I use it a bit of gas to escape. I love your shows, thanks. What do you think? Amy Rothstein, Tue, 19th May 2009

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