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Sat, 16th May 2009

Science Questions and Answers

Barnacles (Chthamalus stellatus) and Limpets (Patella vulgata) in the intertidal near Newquay, Cornwall, England. (c) Mark A. Wilson

We're open to your questions on the Naked Scientists this week, finding out how photosynthesis works underwater, exploring the sex lives of barnacles and discussing if rockets punch holes in the ozone layer.  Plus, a viral cause of hypertension, how bees stick to petals like velcro, and a new, super-dense deuterium - 130,000 times denser than water!  We hear about the new generation of eBook readers, and in Kitchen Science Dave vacuums his bathroom scales to weigh the air!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

Full Transcript

  • 13:43 - World Hepatitis Day

    It's estimated that 80% of people with hepatitis C aren't aware they have it. World Heptatitis Day is aimed at raising awareness of the problem.

  • 18:43 - Weighing the Atmosphere

    Find out how hard a vacuum cleaner can suck, what this has got to do with air pressure and discover how this helps us suck.

  • 27:02 - How do re-writable CDs and DVDs work?

    How do re-writable CDs and DVDs work? We know that when you burn a CD you are burning tiny pits into CDs and DVDs to make digital recordings of sounds and images but how can you then undo that so you can rewrite them hundreds of times?

  • 28:44 - Do cold feet mean more colds?

    Hi guys! My parents have been telling me I should wear socks all the time or Iíll get ill. So my question is does having moderately cold feet really increase your risk of catching a cold or the flu?

  • 44:05 - How did the waggle dance evolve?

    Hello. I was watching a programme on television the other day about bees and how they do a wee dance to tell the other bees where the flowers are. I was talking about this with my friend the other night and about evolution. Neither of us could think of a way that the bee dance co...

  • 53:30 - Do rockets punch holes in the ozone layer?

    Do rockets punch holes in the ozone layer?



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