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Sat, 20th Jun 2009

The Future of our Food

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This week we dig into into the science of farming and food production. We find out how transgenic plants can help us dispense with the need for chemical pesticides and how giant greenhouses at the shoreline can be home to super-efficient farms of their own. We explore the problems faced by our sweet honey bee and in Kitchen Science we do some plant modification of our own; no transgenics knowledge needed, just food colouring.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

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  • 16:46 - The Plight of the Bumblebees

    We investigate why bee numbers are falling and what effect this will have on our agriculture.

  • 22:47 - Colour your own flowers

    Find out how to make your own garishly coloured flowers, and how it relates to the way plants lift water to their leaves.

  • 51:09 - Could we collect steam from power plants as fresh water?

    With the water crisis we’ve got in bits of Africa, with all these areas having some sort of energy plant, why not use the steam that could come off the system to produce turbines? Why not actually replace the fresh water with salt water and the excess vapor could then be collect...

  • 51:35 - Are fast-growing GM plants weaker?

    Are fast Growing GM plants weaker than their non-GM equivalent?



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Ashley and Emma from Australia tried the Kitchen Science experiment with a (formerly) white rose and obtained the following beautiful result:

Click this link to find out how to create a multi-coloured flower.
chris, Sun, 28th Jun 2009

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