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Sat, 4th Jul 2009

Why Does Toothpaste Make Food Taste Funny?

Orange fireball teaser (c) Dave Ansell

This week, we're taking on your science brainteasers!  We find out why toothpaste ruins other flavours, whether humans have a mating season and why food goes in multicoloured, but comes out brown...  Plus, fighting Fido's fleas with fungus, stressed men take more risks, and predicting if hepatitis B will lead to liver cancer.  In Kitchen Science, we make a fruity fireball with orange peel.

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  • 20:57 - The World Conference of Science Journalists

    Earlier this week, it was the World Conference of Science Journalists. Nearly a thousand science writers and broadcasters from all over the world got together in Westminster, not at the houses of Westminster, but down just the road from there, to help each other out and to shar...

  • 34:35 - Fruit Fireballs

    You may think that oranges are a boring fruit. Discover their more exciting side in this simple experiment.

  • 40:45 - How do clothes dry?

    This seems to be a simple phenomenon but I have a question on it. How do clothes dry or even how does water in any place dry out without heating it up? Itís obviously that water boils and evaporates but how does water just vanish off your clothes when theyíre wet?

  • 46:48 - Maker Faire Africa

    Back in April, our technology correspondent Chris Vallance reported on the UKís first Maker Faire. Itís now gone global, and so heís back to tell us more...

  • 50:35 - Is mixed venom more deadly?

    Would a mixture of different venoms, say from all the worst fish and animals in the world, be more deadly than just any given one single venom alone?



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April Russell  asked the Naked Scientists:

I was listening to the show from July 7, and my immediate reaction was how annoying it would be to have nearly silent cars that we have to make louder. 

Perhaps having cars emit a continuous signal that can be picked up by a device held by the vision-impaired, and the proximity of the vehicle would change the sound they hear from the receiver (along the lines of echolocation for bats).  But thinking of this, I don't know if that would interfere with all the signals we have flying around these days, such as cell phones, satellite tv, radio, wireless internet..

On an unrelated note, I love listening to the show.  I don't have television or free time to watch things, but I can do a bunch of other things while listening to the podcast. 

I listen from the current episodes at home backward in time while at home, and from the beginning in 2000 forward in time from school, where I'm working toward my Masters of Applied Science. 

Thanks for the podcast!

Waterloo, Ontario

What do you think? April Russell, Sat, 11th Jul 2009

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