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Sat, 15th Aug 2009

Helen's Best Bits

Helen Scales (c) Helen Scales

Itís big, itís blue, itís where life began and life certainly wouldnít be the same without it: yes, thatís right, itís the sea. This week Helen Scales is taking the show underwater to explore her favourite realm. Among the marine menagerie sheíll be revisiting the incredible story of squid that see with their entire body,  once again be meeting the humming toadfish, which is teaching us a thing or two about making music, and weíll catch up with the colourful clownfish that, just like Nemo, might soon be needing some help finding their way home...

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  • 24:36 - Robots of the Ocean

    The best way to monitor and understand the sea is to go with the flow! Jules Jaffe and colleagues at Scripps Institute of Oceanography have been developing robots to do just that...

  • 32:55 - Trawling and the Damage Done

    Trawl fishing involved hauling a net behind a boat, and is extremely good for catching large numbers of fish. However, it can cause huge damage to the sea bed, which can take centuries to repair...

  • 40:14 - Chemistry in its Element - Fluorine

    This week, Kira Weissman explores the element that stops eggs sticking to frying pans and keeps astronauts safe in space, but can also be a vicious killer...

  • 53:38 - How do sharks smell blood underwater?

    Apparently a shark can smell blood up to a quarter of a mile away. How does smell travel in water? It would seem strange that if you drop ink in water it takes ages to dissipate so how can the individual particles of a smell travel so far and apparently so fast?



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