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Sat, 26th Sep 2009

Researchers Revealed

Researchers Revealed (c) Durham University

We bring you the highlights from European Researchers Night 2009, which filled the Great North Museum with explosions, music and laughter.  We meet Brainiac's Jon Tickle to discuss the physics of custard, find out why My Little Ponies belong in a museum and explore the murder mystery of the Lindow Man.  Also, how embryology inspired fashion design and how Spanish rocks point to North Sea oil.  Plus, we rock out with the Punk Scientists...

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  • 22:14 - The Great North Museum

    Steve McLean brings us the highlights of the newly renovated Great Northern Museum including an ancient bog body and some My Little Ponies!

  • 28:40 - Lindow Man

    Dr Sarah Glynn explores the mysterious death of the Lindow Man...

  • 32:42 - Protection from Flooding

    One of the aims of Researchers’ Night all across Europe is to put people in touch with researchers whose work could directly affect their lives. Dr Nick Odoni is a very good example of this as his research looks at ways to mitigate and avoid flooding...

  • 39:35 - Primitive Streak - Science Meets Fashion

    Helen Storey is a fashion designer who was inspired by developmental biology to design a series of stunning and thought-provoking dresses. Meera met Helen in the Researchers Revealed auditorium to find out about the primitive streak collection...

  • 46:48 - Looking For North Sea Oil in Spain

    How can studying rocks in Spain tell us where to drill for North Sea oil? Durham University PhD student Jo Morris explains to Meera...

  • 53:00 - The Punk Scientists

    The Science Museum's 'Punk Scientists' explain to Meera how they make science engaging through making people laugh...



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Erm, this podcast doesn't seem to be available. I keep checking back but can't get a file here or at yahoo or google. Matthew, Wed, 30th Sep 2009

Hi Matthew - It seems to be working for me via itunes, google reader & direct from this site.  I'm not a yahoo user, but I'll see if I can test it.  Please let me know if you're still having problems. BRValsler, Wed, 30th Sep 2009

Yes its working and its very informative. cyrus12009, Thu, 21st Jan 2010

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