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Sat, 17th Oct 2009

High Altitude Adventures

Mount Everest (c) Pavel Novak

We reach for the skies on this week's Naked Scientists, with High Altitude Adventures.  We find out how the body reacts to the low oxygen at high altitudes and join Laura Soul testing the theories on a trek up to Everest base camp.  Plus, we find out how the continental collisions that made mountains may have plunged the Earth into an ice age.  We also hear how the rate of mutation changes in lab-bench evolution, how looming sounds make our vision more sensitive, why poking a stem cell can change its fate and the chemistry behind the taste of fizz.  In Kitchen Science, we make a mountain range from lard...


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Full Transcript

  • 24:15 - Trekking to Everest Base Camp

    Ben Valsler speaks to Laura Soul about how her body responded to her trek up to Everest Base Camp, including exerts from her audio diary...

  • 33:03 - Continental Collisons and Carbon Dioxide

    The processes that make mountains, plate tectonics, may also have given rise to the current ice age. Dennis Kent explains more...

  • 47:54 - Lard Mountains - Isostacy

    Build some mountains out of lard, and find out why mountains are like icebergs, and what this has to do with England sinking.

  • 52:26 - How do spiders make webs?

    How do spiders build their webs? Are they brilliant mathematicians?



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