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Sun, 31st Jan 2010

Augmenting Reality

Concept for an Augmented Reality phone (c) Leonard Low from Australia

The high-tech scanners that can home in on chemicals produced by cancers, how bats and dolphins share genes for echolocation and why barefoot runners have a smoother track record.  Also this week, augment your reality: find out how new technologies can add extra information to the way you see the world by making a mobile phone into a virtual tour guide or even a pocket mechanic! Plus, how virtual reality worlds are helping to rehabilitate stroke victims, and, in a theatrical twist, for Kitchen Science Dave discovers the workings of a baffling stage illusion...

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  • 13:49 - The Chemical that Keeps Nerves Alive

    Researchers at Cambridge’s Babraham Institute have identified a factor that helps to stop nerves from degenerating. This could lead to better treatments for degenerative diseases, but also better ways to halt the degradation of a nerve when it gets damage as a result of an inju...

  • 22:48 - What is Augmented Reality?

    Just what is Augmented Reality? Dr Tom Drummond, from Cambridge University's Machine Intelligence Laboratory, joins us to explain more...

  • 32:51 - Rehabilitation in Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality is a computer simulated version of the real world. Meera Senthilingam has been exploring the use of simulated environments for medical treatment and rehabilitation...

  • 40:26 - Augmented Reality in Space

    Augmented reality headsets may find a perfect home miles above the surface of Earth, helping astronauts to repair and maintain the International Space Station...



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