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Sat, 25th Sep 2010



This week we delve deep into the secrets of the brain. We'll find out how MRIs could be used to read your mind, and how they could help unlock what is going on in the brain of a person suffering from delusions or hallucinations. In the news we'll hear that the process of nerve repair could offer clues to cancer spread, and how it was gorillas that originally gave us malaria. Plus in Naked Engineering, Dave and Meera explore the amazing world of superconductors...

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  • 01:42 - Nerve repair provides clue to cancer spread

    Now new results from a Cancer Research UK-funded team led by Professor Alison Lloyd at University College London have found an important link between nerve repair and how tumours may spread within the nervous system, and they've just published their findings in the journal Cell.

  • 05:35 - New insights into damage done in MS

    Scientists in Germany have uncovered a previously overlooked aspect of the disease process that underlies the development of multiple sclerosis (MS).

  • 09:35 - Malaria: The Gorilla's Gift

    Historically, scientists thought that the most severe form of malaria, known as falciparum malaria, first spread into humans from chimps. But now, scientists have found that, in fact, it was gorillas that gave us malaria rather than chimps.

  • 14:01 - New study points the finger at pain perception mechanism

    In a breakthrough that might also help to explain why amputees suffer phantom limb pain, scientists have hit the nail on the head in explaining why we clasp our two hands together after we injure one of them.

  • 18:31 - Planet Earth Online - Physical Attractions in the Oceans

    A satellite designed to measure the Earthís gravitational field with unprecedented accuracy may sound like something out of a James Bond film, but it is in fact a reality. The European GOCE spacecraft or "Gravity field and steady state Ocean Circulation Explorer" has been doing...

  • 23:16 - Mind-reading MRIs

    Using computers to read the mind might seem more suited to the pages of a sci-fi thriller, but scientists are edging closer to this reality using brain imaging technology such as functional magnetic reasonance imaging - fMRI. Professor Jack Gallant and his team from the Univers...

  • 33:28 - Hallucinations and delusions - what's going on in the brain?

    As well as helping us to understand whatís going on in the brain when itís at work, brain scanning techniques can also be used to look at what might be happening to cause some unusual experiences. Professor Paul Fletcher from the University of Cambridge uses fMRI to investigate ...

  • Superconducting levitation (c) Dave Ansell

    40:16 - Superconducting Levitation

    One of the most bizarre and beautiful pieces of physics is superconductivity

  • magnetdrop teaser (c)

    Mysterious forces - Eddy Currents

    Here is a lovely little experiment you can do if you can get hold of a small rare earth supermagnet. Using just a couple of tubes you can produce surprising forces.



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