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Mon, 11th Oct 2010

The Census of Marine Life - Celebrating a decade of discoveries

Crossota norvegica (c) Kevin Raskoff

In a special edition of Naked Oceans we celebrate the world's first Census of Marine Life as it draws to a climax this month after ten years of amazing ocean discoveries. Recorded at the Census conference at the Royal Institution in London on October 4th 2010, we meet many of the people behind the census, find out how the whole grand project got going, and pick out some of the Census highlights. We also hear some musical inspiration from the Census and chat with distinguished oceans explorer, Sylvia Earle.

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In this edition of Naked Oceans

Full Transcript

  • 16:24 - Barcode of Marine Life

    The task of cataloguing ocean diversity has been thrust into the 21st century by cutting edge genetic tools.

  • 22:52 - The importance of tracking

    As well as identifying what lives beneath the waves, the Census also investigated how animals move around and use the ocean.

  • 25:49 - Protecting the oceans

    The Census is also a vital tool to help raise ocean awareness and inform policy makers to help protect the oceans.

  • 26:58 - Creative inspirations from the census

    The Census isn't all about science. Artists and Musicians also joined in to share their love of the underwater realm.

  • 29:28 - Winding back the ocean clock

    Looking back into oceans past, Poul Holm tells us about novel ways of understanding how the marine realm has changed.

  • 37:03 - Sylvia Earle's message

    Legendary oceans explorer, Sylvia Earle, shares her thoughts on the Census of Marine Life.

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