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Sun, 17th Oct 2010

Hard-to-Reach Heritage: Israel and Peru

We make our way to some of the least accessible bits of heritage this month: Naked Scientist Laura Soul treks to Machu Picchu and we hear about the fenced-off Palestinian heritage in Israel. Also this month: tracking down The Plague's bacterial DNA, sanding down a Norwegian Pompeii and a DIY archaeological survey!

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In this edition of Naked Archaeology


  • 01:50 - How has the Israeli-Palestinian border affected people?

    How has the Israeli-Palestinian border affected people? Isabelle Humphries has worked in Nazareth to try and find out.

  • 09:45 - 'Mini Pompeii' found in Norway

    A 5,500 year old settlement dubbed 'mini Pompeii' has been found preserved in Norway. The settlement seems to have been buried by a sandstorm.

  • 11:13 - What caused the 'Black Death'?

    DNA of from the bacterium that caused 'Black Death' in the mid-14th Century has been found. A number of pathogens have been suspected of causing the Black Death, including viruses and bacteria. This new study identifies DNA from two new species of Yersinia pestis (which causes b...

  • 13:09 - Roman helmet sold for 2 million

    A Roman helmet has been sold for sold for 2,000,000 to an anonymous bidder. But is it right for precious relics to be bought privately instead of owned by National heritage?

  • 14:14 - Exploring Machu Pitchu

    Exploring Machu Pitchu - built by the Inca emperor, Pachacuti, it is one of the few Inca sites left untouched by the Spanish.

  • 21:10 - Site Surveying in Hungary

    Site Surveying in Hungary



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