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Thu, 21st Oct 2010

The Aftermath of the World Cup

Vuvuzela (c) Dundas Football Club@wikipedia

This week, we investigate the aftermath of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to find out how the sciences and the arts have been affected by this global tournament. We hear about the Wozela initiative to find new uses and functions for the infamous vuvuzela and find out how the film industry has also jumped onto the football bandwagon to give the world a further insight into health and life in Africa. Also, in the news, a new vaccine that could protect us from resistant forms of the tuberculosis bacterium, a way to reduce our need for gold in electronics and the comet that never existed. Plus, we find out why some of us feel sick when we move backwards on a train or in cars, in Question of the week!

Click here to see the Wozela entries!


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