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Tue, 11th Jan 2011

Going Topless Harms your Hearing

Music and the brain (c) Peter Finnie

In this week's NewsFlash, we find out how an IVF study could lead to a test to predict the treatment's outcome, how a woman's tears can manipulate men's moods, the perfect melody to send shivers up your spine and the headphones which can cancel out the sound of the dentist's drill. Plus we find out how leaving the top down on your car could damage your hearing....

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 00:26 - IVF study could lead to prediction test

    More than 10 per cent of couples worldwide are infertile, and some of them turn to in vitro fertilisation or IVF, in the hope of having a baby. But it can be a difficult and heartbreaking process for many couples and there's no guarantee of success. But now a new study could le...

  • 02:55 - Tears manipulate men's moods

    Tears are traditionally judged to be a visual display of emotion, and humans, it's claimed, are the only species to shed them. But now scientists in Israel have found that they can also carry chemical messages to alter the moods of others close by, an observation which fits wit...

  • 05:55 - Chills of Musical Pleasure

    Many of us have a certain piece of music that causes chills to run up our spines - music so good, it elicits a genuine physical reaction. Now, researchers at Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital have been exploring the brain basis of this experience. Kat Arney spoke to ...

  • 12:04 - Dental-drill cancelling headphones

    For many, just the distant sound of a dental drill is enough to elicit a cold sweat, let alone having to endure it first hand during a filling. But now a new, noise-cancelling device developed by a London-based research team could help to take some of the pain out of the experi...

  • 14:59 - Going topless harms hearing

    Despite their suave appeal, convertible cars could have to carry a health warning owing to the threat they pose to the occupant's hearing.



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