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Thu, 17th Feb 2011

Egyptian Looting, Behavioural Variability and Pollen

pollen chart (c) Dim Grits

This month: current events in Egypt affecting ancient artefacts; Britons fashioning cups from skulls; games played in the Indus; and when humans behaved like humans. Plus, in Backyard Archaeology Tom Birch goes to Paul's place... to look at pollen.

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In this edition of Naked Archaeology


  • Egyptian tank during riots (c) Sherif9282

    02:06 - Riots in Egypt damage archaeological finds

    During the 2011 riots in Egypt, many archaeological treasures were damaged. President Mubarak appointed Zahi Hawass (former Secretary General for the Supreme Council of Antiquities) with a government post as 'Minister of Antiquities'. Despite his best efforts, archaeologists pro...

  • Human Neurocranium - Good Bowl? (c) Welleschik

    09:22 - Did Britons drink from skulls?

    Did Britons drink from skulls? Skulls found in Gough's Cave, Somerset, dating to 14,700 years ago, appear to have been used as bowls and cups.

  • Indus Valley Civilization (c) M.Imran

    11:07 - Play and games in Bronze Age Pakistan

    Elke Rogersdotter from the University of Gothenburg investigates play and games in the Indus Valley in present-day Pakistan during the Bronze Age.

  • Cave Painting (c) Some caveman/cavemen.

    12:45 - When did we start acting like modern humans?

    When did humans become modern in their behaviour? It's been called the 'human revolution', or the 'great leap forward'. Traditionally viewed as a linear progression towards modernity, Professor John Shea argues for behavioural variability during human prehistory.

  • Marmelade fly (Episyrphus balteatus) sitting on a flower of a Grey-haired Rockrose (c) André Karwath aka Aka

    19:23 - What can pollen tell us about ancient plants and human impact on the environment?

    What can pollen tell us about ancient plants and human impact on the environment?



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