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Sun, 17th Apr 2011

DNA-away Disease: Gene Therapy at Work

DNA fragment (c)

Two pioneers in the field of gene therapy join us to discuss how they're developing modified viruses to deliver healthy copies of genes to save patients afflicted by lethal genetic diseases. We also hear how energy can be harvested from footsteps and heartbeats to power nanodevices, and how a new SWARM of satellites is about to be deployed to study the Earth's magnetic field from space. Plus, in the news, how "ums" and "ahs" can boost a baby's learning power, how mankind talked his way out of Africa and how scientists are recreating schizophrenia in a Petri dish...

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Full Transcript

  • 07:59 - Talking our way out of Africa

    A new study reveals how languages, like genetics, evolved out of Africa...

  • 14:01 - Self-righting bicycle

    A team working in the USA and Holland have this week come one step closer to working out how a rider-less bicycle remains upright...

  • 25:34 - Naked Engineering: Harvesting Energy to Power Nanotechnology

    For Naked Engineering this week, Dave Ansell’s been finding out how to solve the problem of powering the tiny nanoscale devices like medical implants that are currently dwarfed by the batteries needed to supply them.

  • 32:25 - Gene Therapy to Treat a Defective Immune System

    An important group of diseases are those that occur when a person inherits a defective form of an essential gene. Historically, there's been very little that could be done to cure people with this sort of problem. But now that's changing and a number of techniques exist to hel...



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