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Sat, 16th Apr 2011

Dam Busting, Ancient Archaeologists and Iron Age Fort Raids

Bouncing Bomb; Wallis (c) Taragui

Researchers re-create the experiments carried out by Barnes Wallis on the bouncing bomb; we discuss the Texan pre-Clovis finds; the Nichoria bone earns its place at multiple points in history and we explore the massacre at Fin Cop hill fort. Plus, in Backyard Archaeology: how to go about doing a bit of zooarchaeology!

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  • 01:41 - Reconstructing Barnes Wallis' experiments on the bouncing bomb

    Dr Hugh Hunt tells us about his work in solving the same problems that Barnes Wallis faced when he designed the famous weapon used by the dam busters.

  • 09:41 - Pre-Clovis Site in Texas

    There’s been a discovery in Central Texas that’s stirring-up the debate on the first peopling of the Americas. Thousands of stone artefacts have been unearthed in a creek valley northwest of Austin, including more than 50 tools which potentially pre-date the technology used by t...

  • 12:47 - The Nichoria Bone

    Paddling across the pond, this next news story talks about the famous ‘Nichoria Bone’, a large fossil of an extinct mega mammal, likely a woolly rhinoceros, that roamed southern Greece around one million years ago. It’s significant because the bone wasn’t found by a modern team ...

  • 15:30 - Iron Age Massacre

    Archaeologists working in Derbyshire have this month reported the discovery of a mass grave on an Iron Age hill fort. Dr Clive Waddington of Archaeological Research Services described how a series of burials, dated to around 390BC, indicated something of a massacre occurred at F...

  • 17:26 - Largest Roman Site in England?

    It looks like diggers have found what could be one of the largest archaeological sites in England. And it’s been hidden safely away under a forest called Bedford Purlieus Wood.

  • 18:49 - Crucifiction?

    Naked Archaeologist Simcha Jakobovici claims to have found candidates for some cross nails, or nails from the cross.

  • 20:21 - How to: Zooarchaeology

    Angelos explains how zooarchaeologists go about analysing animal bones in order to study the sites from which they're excavated.



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