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Naked Oceans episode

Tue, 10th May 2011

Sensing the underwater world

American lobster (c) NOAA

How do marine animals sense the world around them? This month on Naked Oceans we explore the many ways aquatic critters see, sniff, and hear in their watery realm. We discover out how tiny fish and lobsters find their way back home, and why this is vital for our efforts to help protect them. And we find out how scientists are using underwater robots to listen out for whales - even in the middle of a raging storm.

And we've got some good news - Naked Oceans has been funded for a 2nd series by the Save Our Seas Foundation. Before we start working on the new series we want to hear from you what you think of the show so far.

Fill out the NAKED OCEANS SURVEY before June 20th 2011 and you could win a signed copy of Helen's book, Poseidon's Steed.

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