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Mon, 16th May 2011

Detailed Science of Dating, Data and Ceramics

Neanderthal_skull (c)

This month: the most recent Neanderthals in the Caucasus, the science of ceramic petrology, the truth about 'The Anthropocene' and Syrian hunting traps. Plus, in Backyard Archaeology we explore the uses of the National Monument and Historical Environment Records.

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In this edition of Naked Archaeology

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  • 01:55 - Dating the Neanderthals of Mezmaiskaya Cave

    A re-evaluation of Neanderthal remains from the Caucasus Mts in Russia has shown they are most likely to have lived there 40kya rather than 30kya, meaning that they were unlikely to have lived alongside modern humans.

  • 09:53 - The Anthropocene

    Earlier this month, a major conference was held at the Geological Society in London to discuss something that will not only have implications for scientists in the future when they refer back to the current geological epoch, but also for own understanding of our place in Earth’s...

  • 15:15 - Syrian kite hunting traps

    Imagine a group of British Army Air Corps pilots flying over the deserts of the Near East in the early years of the 20th Century. From the cockpits of their bi-planes they could see strange lines and circles seemingly etched into the landscape below. These airmen dubbed the biza...

  • 19:19 - Ceramic Petrology

    Xenia explains the uses of ceramic petrology - the study of ceramics using microscopy, chemicals and thin sections.



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