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Sat, 6th Aug 2011

Do bubbles help washing up?

Unwashed dishes in a sink; an authentic situation. (c) Mysid @ Wikipedia

Do bubbles help or hinder when doing the dishes? Can we find evidence of material from Earth on the Moon? Can camera lenses cause fires? And is fluoride in drinking water safe? In this Question and Answer show, we tackle your science queries, finding out if higher air pressure means louder sounds and if plants from cuttings remain genetically identical over centuries. Plus, launching Lego men to Jupiter, making brain cells from skin cells, and how vampire bats home in on hot blood...

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  • 01:46 - Earth's Multiple Moons

    A paper published in this week's issue of the Journal Nature presents evidence that the Earth might once have had a second moon, based on a puzzling problem with the geology of the Moon's surface...

  • 07:07 - Lego men going to Jupiter

    Nasa has launched 3 lego men on their way to Jupiter

  • 10:12 - Homing In With Heat - How Vampire Bats find Blood

    How do blood thirsty vampire bats home in on the best place to bite and therefore guarantee achieving a trouble-free feed? Well the answer is that they've evolved their own built-in infrared detectors to pinpoint where the best blood vessels are...

  • 17:49 - Making brains from skin

    A new way to turn skin cells directly into functioning brain cells has been announced by scientists in New York.

  • 21:30 - What sort of camera lens would be best for starting a fire?

    Hi, I just wondered if I was stranded somewhere and I wanted to start a fire using camera lenses, would it be best to use a telephoto or a wide angle lens, assuming they had the same aperture? Thanks Martin

  • 24:12 - Is there evidence of Earth meteor impacts on the moon?

    Dear the Naked scientists, My question is really quite a simple one. I understand that in some of the larger historical meteorite strikes on Earth that they were sufficiently energetic that some matter achieved escape velocity and if that's true, did the moon capture any of thi...

  • 26:24 - Do plants grown from cuttings share identical DNA?

    Hello, I have a rhubarb plant that's descended from my great grandfather’s garden. He originally had the plant, split it and gave some to my grandfather who in turn did the same to my father, and my father repeated this, resulting in the plant that I now have in the garden. So...

  • 29:30 - Understanding Rip Currents

    Water sports – surfing, body boarding, kite surfing, etc have all become increasingly popular in recent years, but the number of people who are getting into trouble in the water has correspondingly also gone up. Now a group of surfers and scientists are trying to understand the...

  • 35:30 - Do bubbles hinder cleaning dishes?

    Hi, People say that bubbles & foam make no difference, or even hinder, when cleaning dishes (or hair or whatever) is this true? Kind regards, Caroline Greville

  • 37:50 - Does Earth's rotation affect flight times?

    Does Earth’s rotation alter flight times? Since the Earth is spinning, if you take off from one place and fly in the same or opposite direction to that in which the Earth is turning, what impact does that have on the time it takes you to fly somewhere? What about the fact that th...

  • 40:15 - Is fluoride in drinking water harmful?

    Hello Naked Scientists, My wife has recently become concerned about fluoride in drinking water here in the United States. She is concerned about the long term effects of fluoride that accumulates in our bodies since fluoride is a poison. She also thinks that fluoride may ha...

  • 44:04 - Does higher air pressure result in louder sound?

    Dear Chris, I have a question I'd like to hear your opinion on. Loudness of a sound decreases when air pressure decreases. No sound can travel in a vacuum.  However, does this mean that higher air pressure would result in louder noises? Do deep-sea divers in decompression...

  • 45:43 - How can one cable carry many signals?

    Hello, I was wondering how many separate and distinct signals are sent simultaneously along the same wire  as with telephone calls or internet data. It is my understanding that all signals are sine waves. How is it that a cable is able to carry all these messages at once. I am...

  • 47:01 - Bouncing Soap

    Make liquid soap or washing up liquid bounce off more soap.

  • 50:25 - Why would footprints in sand appear raised?

    Dear Naked Scientist.. I recently took this photograph of my foot prints in the sand and it was only after I noted that the "footprints" are not IN the sand they appear to be "raised" on the sand? How could this be? Regards Nikki Goodwin



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