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Sun, 16th Oct 2011

Why don't black holes explode?

A simulated Black Hole of ten solar masses as seen from a distance of 600km with the Milky Way in the background (horizontal camera opening angle: 90°) (c) Ute Kraus, Physics education group Kraus, Universität Hildesheim, Space Time Travel

Black holes emit Hawking radiation and gradually reduce in size, so is there a critical mass at which a black hole can no longer support itself? Find out in this QotW. Plus, we ask how much gravity can keep a human healthy.

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  • Why don't black holes explode once they lose enough mass?

    If it takes a very massive star collapsing to form a black hole, and Hawking's radiation eats it away, then why doesn't it blow up after enough matter is eaten away? I was listening to one of your previous Naked Astronomy shows and they stated that eventually the black hole wi...



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