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Sat, 22nd Oct 2011

Why Is Ice Slippery?

antarctica (c) Stephen Hudson@wikipedia

Can moonlight and a magnifying glass be used to start a fire? Why do bananas go brown and does it happen faster in the fridge or the fruitbowl? Why are ice and snow slippery? And how does flyspray work? Alongside your quality science questions in this week's Question and Answer science phone-in, we also hear how how space scientists have spotted a whole planet's worth of water in a nearby system, the surprising discovery that seaweed is making corals seasick, we serve up a digital delight with the kitchen that teaches you both to cook and speak French, and we find out why an antiviral a day could keep Alzheimer's at bay...

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  • 57:09 - What is the minimum gravity needed to keep astronauts healthy?

    Greetings. Are there any theories regarding the minimum gravitational force required to keep astronauts healthy during a long space voyage such as a trip to Mars? Would it take a full 1 "g" or could we get away with less perhaps in a rotating crew module in a spacecraft? J...



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