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Sun, 13th Nov 2011

Flu Vaccines from Tobacco?

Influenza virus under EM (c) Cynthia Goldsmith CDC

In a show not to be sneezed at, we look at the evidence that coughs and sneezes are linked to heart attacks.  We also probe the Flu Survey, a new citizen science initiative to gather data on the incidence of influenza-like illnesses in the European population; we talk to the company who are mass producing flu vaccines in tobacco plants and catch up with the Columbia University scientific adviser on Contagion, Hollywood's latest infectious offering.  Plus, why babies don't tie their umbilical cords in knots and news of a new fat-busting injectible that selectively destroys adipose, evidence that only single strains of HIV are transmitted between partners and the discovery of two pristine primordial gas clouds produced by the Big Bang...

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  • 01:49 - Influenza virus and heart attacks

    Looking at whether flu can trigger heart attacks in vulnerable people

  • 08:19 - Flu Survey - Tracking Influenza Across a Continent

    As we enter “flu season” in the northern hemisphere, to help track the spread of seasonal flu here in the UK and throughout Europe, researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have launched an initiative called “flu survey”. We spoke to Professor John Edmun...

  • 14:24 - Flu vaccines from tabacco plants

    A new biotechnology company called Medicago have developed a technique for quickly and cheaply producing vaccines using tobacco plants. Genes from the flu virus are added to the plants using a bacterial Trojan horse and Professor Brian Ward from McGill University is the medical...

  • 22:40 - Chemical liposuction: fat-reducing injection success in primates

    A fat-reducing drug that can reverse obesity in monkeys has been successfully tested by US scientists...

  • 27:12 - The HIV transmission bottleneck

    Researchers have found that the strain of HIV virus most common in the genital tract of a chronically infected person is not necessarily the strain that infects a new sexual partner.

  • 30:05 - Pristine primordial Big Bang gas discovered

    Two gas clouds containing pristine samples of the gas spawned by the Big Bang has been spotted by astronomers.

  • Warming Earth not so good for Arctic tree growth

    A group of researchers from Columbia University publishing in the journal Environmental Research Letters have found that the growth of white spruce trees on the northern treeline in the far north of Alaska has shot up over the past 50 years. They’ve also managed to put forward a...



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