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Sun, 19th Feb 2012

ZAP! Lasers on trial...

Argon-ion and He-Ne laser beams (c) Jeff Keyzer from San Francisco, CA, USA

A new liquid crystal laser that can dial-up any wavelength of light you need, a laser-powered projector technology that turns any surface into a touch-screen, and a laser that fires salvoes of X-rays to make light work of unlocking the molecular fabric of matter are the focus of this week's laser-led show. We also meet HECToR, one of the world's fastest computers that just got a tenfold power boost, and David Braben unveils the credit-card sized Raspberry Pi, the world's smallest home micro he's helped to invent...

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  • 01:40 - Tuneable Laser Technology

    Portable, tuneable lasers would be a breakthrough for medical diagnostics on the road. Cambridge researchers have developed a highly adaptable, briefcase size laser...

  • 09:38 - Pocket Projectors and Touch Screen Tables

    Light Blue Optics is a Cambridge based company developing lasers to project images and to turn any surface into a touch screen. We find out how their technology works with co-founder, Dr Nic Lawrence...

  • 36:43 - Managing Hedgerows - Planet Earth Online

    In England there are 450,000 kilometres of managed hedgerows, often containing hawthorn and often dubbed “corridors for wildlife” – be it beetles, bird, butterflies or even dormice. Most farmers trim their hedges every year. But now new research has shown that less frequent tri...

  • 42:03 - Artemis - the Superfast XUV Laser

    We investigate how XUV light in bursts as short as 30 femtoseconds can be used to probe the fundamental properties of matter...

  • 53:53 - Why does laser light appear granular?

    Why does laser light appear to be granular when you actually see it propagating through the air?

  • 54:47 - Which is the most realistic fictional laser weapon?

    Of all the lasers employed by all the supervillains portrayed over the years to variously destroy the world/another planet/our struggling hero (super or otherwise), which is the most realistic both in terms of the science behind them and the world dominating application for which...



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