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Space Boffins episode

Sat, 9th Jun 2012

Introducing Space Boffins!

Space Boffins (c)

This week at Naked Astronomy, we’re launching something very special.  We’ve teamed up with the Space Boffins podcast to bring you even more space science.  Each month, Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson will be exploring the science and technology that gets us into space, bringing us the inside track on missions past, present and future.  In the latest Space Boffins Podcast, Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham are joined by space scientist Andrew Coates and science writer Michael Hanlon, to talk SpaceX, Juice and Solar Orbiter. Richard also gets annoyed about space attire and Sue gets to grips with tortuous space acronyms. Plus we relive the entire SpaceX mission in less than 2 minutes...

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