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Sun, 15th Jul 2012

Lying Eyes and Silky Chemical Cocoons

Bombyx mori on his cocoon, front view (c) P.gibellini at Wikipedia

Do your eyes give you away when you lie?  In this NewsFlash, we'll explore the evidence for the idea that gaze direction can be used to spot a falsehood, as well as discover the dark, starless galaxies of the early universe.  Plus, locating the cellular compasses needed for magnetic navigation and why cocooning drugs in silk can keep them active for longer, without the use of a fridge...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 00:21 - Magnetic Field Receptor Cells Identified in the Nose of a Trout

    Researchers this week have found the very cells that make up the internal compass of migratory animals. These cells are able to detect the position of the animal in relation to the Earth’s magnetic field, and they do this because the cells themselves contain a magnetic component...

  • 02:54 - The lies have it: no evidence for lie-eye-movement link

    The claim that people tend to look in one direction - up and to the left - when they are being honest, and a different direction - up and to the right - when they are lying, turns out not to be true.

  • 07:25 - The galaxies that have no stars

    Astronomers using the Very Large Telescope in Chile believe they have made the first ever observations of galaxies that have no stars in them.

  • 10:31 - Chemical Cocoon: Preserving Drugs in Silk

    Antibiotics and vaccines save lives, but to do so, they usually need to be kept cold and this could be a bitter pill to swallow for 3rd world countries that can't afford the necessary refrigeration, despite having the most to gain from these treatments. But now, that might be a...



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