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Sat, 28th Jul 2012

How Science Goes for Gold

Bradley Wiggins (left) and Mark Cavendish (right) on their way to becoming world Madison champions 2008, Manchester Velodrome (c) [ johnthescone] from Sheffield

How can science, technology and engineering aid the world's elite athletes?  In this special edition of the Naked Scientists, we discover how physiology, psychology and technology help get us across the finish line.  We'll be exploring the biochemical tests that can improve training, and Meera gets put through her paces on a treadmill!  We also hear from Gold Medal winner Steve Redgrave and current Team GB competitors about the impact of science on their performance.  Plus, how Formula One technology can make better bicycles, and why can technology can get so good, it has to be banned from competition...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

Full Transcript

  • 00:44 - What Does it Take to Win Five Consecutive Gold Medals at the Olympics?

    What does it take to win Olympic gold? The right genetics, training, attitude, and technology all combine in an elite athlete, especially if they are to go on and win 5-consecutive Gold medals, like British Olympic Rowing Champion, Sir Steve Redgrave...

  • 03:23 - The Physiology of Physical Training

    We’re investigating what it takes to become an elite athlete. As important as innate talent is, it’s not enough to make it at the top. A good understanding of how your body works and responds to exercise and to your particular sport is key...

  • 09:19 - The Application of Sports Science

    How is scientific insight applied to improve the performance of team GB? We meet one of the scientists applying science to sport, ensuring the team takes to the tracks, pools, water and more in peak condition over the Olympic games...

  • 16:16 - A Naked Scientist is Put Through Her Paces

    Kingston University’s exercise physiologist Chris Easton puts Naked Scientist Meera Senthilingam through her paces......

  • 24:20 - The Psychology of Sport

    When your mind gets stage fright, things can go horribly wrong. Thankfully, sport psychologists are on hand to help as Naked Scientist Ben Valsler found out talking to Prof Dave Collins....

  • 32:17 - Sensors Support Sports Scientists

    As well as biological improvements, many of today’s sporting successes are down to advances to technology, including developments in sensor networks that allow researchers to track every move an athlete makes...

  • 40:01 - Formula One - Science on the Starting Grid

    When it comes to technology and the use of technology in sports, there's one sporting event that’s miles ahead. In fact, so far ahead, it’s lapped the others many times. Formula 1. And one company pioneering developments on the race track are McLaren who in recent years have ...

  • 51:38 - When Technology becomes Cheating

    Sometimes, science and technology may take its role in sport a little too far. So far, that it is then banned for giving athletes too much of an advantage. This was and is the case for polyurethane swimsuits which, as of the 1st of January 2010, were officially banned from use...



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