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Sat, 18th Aug 2012

The Hydrogen Economy: Fuelling the Future

F-CELL Mercedes (c)

Is hydrogen the fuel of our future? As fossil fuel reserves run out, this week we ask whether hydrogen can fill the energy void? We look at work to harness bacteria to transform everyday waste into biohydrogen, hear how scientists are planning to store this gas safely, take to the road in a hydrogen-powered car and investigate the workings of the fuel cells that run them...

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  • 08:56 - Hydrogen Availability

    If word spreads and a hydrogen boom occurs, can we produce enough gas to meet the demand? Rafael Orozco discusses the demand for environmentally friendly hydrogen production...

  • 10:42 - Sourcing Hydrogen from Biomass

    Mark Redwood discusses how bacteria can be harnessed to produce hydrogen from all forms of biodegradable waste...

  • 23:36 - Supercritical Water Gasification

    Gary Leeke explains how high temperatures and pressures can cause water to become reactive and transform waste into hydrogen gas...

  • 26:50 - Integrated Biorefinieries

    Lynne Macaskie describes how Bacteria, Chemistry, Metals and Bio-wastes can all be combined to maximise the production of Hydrogen gas in the future...



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