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Sun, 9th Sep 2012

Mars InSights, rings around Saturn and satellite docking games...

GPS satellite (c) NASA

Curiosity had barely scratched the surface of Mars when NASA announced another new mission to the red planet.  Itís called InSight and Dr Tom Pike, from Imperial College London, will be part of the team.  He joins Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Kate Arkless-Gray, along with Mapping Mars author Oliver Morton, to discuss the future of planetary exploration on one of our nearest neighbours. Also this month, how to use a Kinect games console to help dock satellites with news of Strand-2.  Plus, as all things Mars threatens to overshadow other planets in our Solar System, Luke Dones from the South West Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, discusses receiving data from Saturnís rings and why the best is yet to come...

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