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Sat, 22nd Sep 2012

What shape web does a spider spin in space?

Golden orb spider (c) Louise Docker

Can spiders weave webs in microgravity? Can shampooing cause hair loss? How much brain do we use at once? Can a person survive on raw food alone? This week we're answering your science questions for you as well as hearing news of the IgNobel prize for research into 'hairodynamics' and a way to wipe out bad memories. For Question of the Week, we ask whether you can substitute a crossword for a gym session and 'think yourself thin'...

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  • 07:06 - Train Tracks - how trains go round corners

    Trains often have the wheels welded to their axles, so how do they go around corners? Find out with this experiment.

  • 08:08 - How much of the brain do we use?

    Hey there, My name's Martin and I have a question about human brain. How is it with the quapacity of the brain that we use? Because theres this well known fact that we only use like ten percent of it, but I somewhere heard that we use as much of it as it is needed at the mom...

  • 08:58 - Could humans survive on a raw food diet?

    Hi Chris et al., I love the show and have been meaning to write in for a while to ask you a question. I heard a scientist make a comment that human beings could not survive for more than three months on raw food alone (I'm pretty sure it was Steve Jones). He made an off-hand...

  • 11:55 - Wiping out fearful memories

    Scientists have found a simple way to disassociate feelings of fear from the memory of a fearful situation, with potential applications for treating psychological problems.

  • 15:12 - Why isn't rain salty?

    Hi Chris Just want to know that if rain water originates from the sea and sea water is salty, why than don't the rain taste salty, what happens to the salt content in the process? Your assistance would be highly appreciated. Regards Eddie

  • 18:06 - Will CDs be decodable in years to come?

    Hi Dr Chris, I am curious to know if the naked scientists think we would be able to read data information on a CD, DVD, or hard-disc etc if we had advanced technology but no historical records of the code or computer language the data is written in. For example if our civ...

  • 19:36 - Can tobacco be made less unhealthy?

    Can tobacco be charred and if so, will it be less bad for you to smoke it? a friend of mine smokes medicinal marihuana and somehow refuses to believe in vapourizing it to keep health problems further away. He claims that wrapping some tobacco in alufoil and then heating it on a ...

  • 21:27 - Why does it get dark quickly in winter?

    Why does it get dark quickly in winter?

  • 23:10 - The IgNobel Prize for "Hairodynamics"

    This year's IgNobel Prizes saw the physics award going to Ray Goldstein and colleagues, for understanding the physics of a human ponytail. Ray now calls this the science of "hairodynamics"...

  • 29:56 - Shy Sticklebacks & Social Structure - Planet Earth Online

    Different fish have different personalities - some are bold, while others are shy. New studies in sticklebacks to work out what mix of shy and bold animals makes the perfect society could actually help understand human social interaction...

  • 35:34 - What is the link between badgers and bovine TB?

    I've been a big fan of your show for a few years now and really enjoy how you explain everything scientific so that anyone can understand. When it came to a friend of mine, who is a farmer, talking about the UK Badger cull and the Badger TB crisis I couldn't get my head aroun...

  • 40:05 - How are memories stored?

    As a teacher I would like children to understand how learning happens (the biological basis) I've been fascinated to grasp the physical manifestation (as my education focused on neurotransmission) of learning as actual formation of connections between neurones (in real time) tell...

  • 42:20 - Why does my voice sound different in my head?

    To whom this may concern: Sorry to continue trolling you with questions, but I was wondering why my voice always sounds so different on a recorded device then how I think I sound. Everyone seems to have that experience where they think "do I really sound like that?" Do we hear...

  • 52:37 - Can I think myself thin?

    Can I think myself thin? Can I eat a really large pudding (dessert) and instead of hitting the treadmill, do a maths problem instead?



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