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Wed, 10th Apr 2013

Meet the ancestors

Australopithecus sediba (c) Photo by Brett Eloff, Courtesy Prof Lee Berger and Wits University

Fossilised dinosaur egg embryos, fish fats on 15,000 year old Japanese pots, who put the arsenic in the beer, and we tour the Malapa cave site where Australopithecus sediba was discovered...

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  • 10:28 - Delving into Dinosaur Development

    A chance discovery in Yunnan province in China has yielded one of the oldest and most interesting collection of fossilised dinosaur embryos.

  • 13:02 - Ice Age Pots Give Us A Taste For Fish

    Hunter-gatherers living in glacial conditions produced pots for cooking fish, giving us a greater insight into how early humans lived...

  • 15:41 - Is Free Will an Illusion?

    Are our decisions the result of free will? If neurons are subject to cause and effect could free will be an illusion?

  • 23:47 - Uncovering a British Wooly Rhino

    We investigate one of the most significant fossil finds in Britain, a woolly rhino skeleton found in a Staffordshire quarry 11 years ago...

  • 29:13 - Sediba - Exploring Human Origins

    We visit the Malpa site in South Africa where fossils from some of our earliest human ancestors are found...

  • 56:05 - Can we achieve artificial photosynthesis?

    I would like to ask a question about artificial photosynthesis, does it exist? What kind of challenges do scientists have in this field? What potential benefit to humanity can bring artificial photosynthesis? Best Regards, Anton. Ukraine, Uzhgorod



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