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Wed, 29th May 2013

Shedding light on LEDs

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The next generation of LEDs, how LED lighting affects health, a new way to fight flu, treating schizophrenia with avatars and bringing 400-year-old frozen plants back to life.

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  • 01:04 - Radiation on the way to Mars?

    Just one return trip to Mars would eat up about two-thirds of an astronaut's lifetime "safe" dose of radiation, a new study has shown.

  • 04:27 - Avatars block voices for schizophrenics

    Conversing with a computer-generated face playing the part of the voice experienced by schizophrenics can suppress the problem in hours...

  • 14:12 - Fibre optics rev up

    Optics develop to send 400Gbits per second down an optical fibre 12800km long and could reduce the price and increase the reliability.

  • 16:49 - How best to breathe up a mountain?

    QuickFire Science on the 60th anniversary of the first complete ascent of Mount Everest by Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay!

  • 33:49 - Naked in an LED Factory

    Naked Scientist Dominic Ford hopped on a train to find out how LED technology is being commercialised in the UK's only LED factory.....

  • 43:15 - Lighting to wake you up?

    Do energy saving lightbulbs affect your sleep cycle? We find out.....

  • 49:49 - How do street lights affect nature?

    Gerald McMullon: Chatteris has just replaced all their older street lights. They also removed 10%. The new lights are on taller posts, casting white light further than the older amber lighting. The light has been so bright that my tulips grew leaning over to the new lamp at the f...



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