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Mon, 24th Jun 2013

Giant planets

Jupiter's Great Red Spot (c) NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab

We find out how much detail can amateur astronomers see on Jupiter, and how space scientists can use this to probe the Solar System's largest storms. Plus, how did Venus's atmosphere become a dry place, and why doesn't Jupiter's gravity disrupt the Earth's orbit?

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  • 42:45 - Why do planets remain in stable orbits?

    In appearance a simple question: why do planets remain in their orbits, almost forever, in an apparently magic equilibrium of gravitation and centrifugal forces? I understand about these forces (or so I think ;-), but what is it that makes planets *remain* in their orbits, even ...

  • 47:17 - Could Neptune hold life?

    Hello, I'm Anthony Knaup I'm 12 years old and I would like to know if Neptune could hold life. Thanks. potosi mo, usa

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