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National Astronomy Meeting episode

Mon, 1st Jul 2013

National Astronomy Meeting: Tuesday

Granules-like structure of surface of sun and sunspots. (c) NASA / JAXA

I find out how the British Geological Survey is investigating the threat that solar storms pose to the world's electricity grids. David Southwood, President of the RAS, tells me that astronomy is about much more than just understanding the Universe: it also has a huge economical impact. And, how is the Dark Energy Survey pinning down the make up of the Universe?

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  • 01:16 - Solar storms that can cause blackouts

    A new survey is monitoring how solar storms trigger unusual electric fields on Earth, to help understand how to protect the National Grid.

  • 07:54 - Beyond the Stars

    David Southwood tells me why astronomy is about much more than understanding the Universe: it also has a tremendous economic impact

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