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Wed, 3rd Jul 2013

The Last Organism Alive on Earth

Artist’s impression of the extrasolar planet HD 189733 b (c) Giovanni Tinetti

This week, the latest from the UK's National Astronomy Meeting in St Andrews Scotland including what will be the last organism living on Earth when the end-of-life Sun swells, why space science projects are getting larger, and the amateur astronomer who uncovers supernovae. In the news, a replacement liver grown from stem cells, the bacterial fingerprint in your intestines, nuclear bombs help with forensics and the threat posed by H7N9. Plus, would you explode in space? We do the experiment to find out...

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Full Transcript

  • 00:58 - Liver grown from stem cells

    In a world first, a functioning liver has been grown from stem cells by scientists in Japan.

  • 04:08 - Measuring gut microbes

    Researchers have published a new method to DNA sequence your personal ‘signature’ of gut bacteria...

  • 06:54 - Quickfire Science: Wildfires

    Fire-fighters were killed in Arizona this week tackling a wildfire that got out of control. But how do blazes like this begin...

  • 09:13 - Carbon-dating ivory

    Nuclear fallout from Cold War nuclear tests could help to identify poached ivory...

  • 12:47 - H7N9 a major threat

    The new H7N9 influenza virus identified in China poses a high risk to humans, researchers are now warning.

  • 16:19 - Earliest grave flowers found

    The first example of humans using flowers to mourn has been uncovered by Israeli archaeologists...

  • 18:54 - Evolution of cancer drug resistance

    Why do tumours become resistant to chemotherapy? New modelling research reveals ways to stop this from happening...

  • 27:00 - Just a thank you!

    Hello Chris, I just heard the new mailbox feature and I thought this would be a great time to say thank you for entertaining my train journeys to and from school. Joshua, from Doncaster

  • 27:28 - How can I get fleas out of my hat?

    Hi, I'm Fred Richardson, an ex-pat from Manchester living in the NT since 1973 and Alice Springs since 1992. I was introduced to you guys via ABC Radio National - Robin Williams The Science Show last year and have been podding and streaming you ever since. The delivery is love...

  • 30:09 - What would a propeller plane do in space?

    Hello Love the show I just recently watched a Dr Who. episode and at one point they send a WW2 aircraft in space. My question is, what would be the effect on the aircraft if you turned on a high powered propeller in zero G? SHAWN from NEW ENGLAND,USA.

  • 52:19 - Amateur observations of supernovae

    With his own telescope Tom Boles has personally discovered more supernovae than any other human in history. But how has he done it?

  • 56:29 - Would you explode, or freeze, in space?

    I have a theoretical question about being exposed to outer space. If a person were to be instantly exposed to outer space, perhaps something like an astronaut opening his/her space suit while floating outside their vehicle, would the person explode first due to the lack of air pr...



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