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Thu, 14th Nov 2013

Come together

Microtubukes (c) Michael Linnenbach

All living cells are made up of protein molecules - but how do they organise themselves into structures? Plus bee sex, tough mice, and a happily married gene of the month.

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  • 00:58 - Prof Buzz Baum - Genes to shape

    This month the Genetics Society had their Autumn Meeting, "Genes to shape". I spoke to co-organiser Prof Buzz Baum to find out more.

  • 08:26 - Prof Andreas Bausch - Making shapes

    Professor Andreas Bausch is trying to understand how simple molecules come together to create complex, self-organised biological structures.

  • 13:36 - Bee sex is complex

    Sex has just got a bit more complicated for bees, at least.

  • 14:35 - Uncovering HIV resistance

    Swiss scientists have made a step forward in understanding how resistance to HIV could be encoded within our own genes.

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