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Tue, 19th Nov 2013

Restore, repair, retain!

16mm film roll (c) DRs Kulturarvsprojekt

This week we discover how we repair and restore everything from ancient manuscripts to the human heart! The team visits the BBC to find out how recently re-discovered episodes of the classic sci-fi series Dr Who were restored and find out about the three million pound project to develop self healing concrete. Plus, in the news, how Typhoon Haiyan has affected the Philippines, where in the world wolves first evolved into dogs, the new drug which could tackle persistent infections and the satellite database which can monitor deforestation from space...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

Full Transcript

  • 01:21 - The impact of Typhoon Haiyan

    Typhoon Haiyan affected over 11 million people and displaced more than 600,000 in the Philippines, but how are aid agencies reacting?

  • 09:40 - New antibiotic blitzes chronic infection

    A recently-discovered antimicrobial can also combat chronic, deep-rooted infections previously regarded as resistant to treatment...

  • 12:48 - Worldwide deforestation map

    A map tracking deforestation and tree replanting has been produce by Google, NASA and the University of Maryland...

  • 15:48 - What is opium?

    The 2013 opium harvest was the largest on record. We explore its history in Quick Fire Science

  • 44:30 - Concrete that can repair itself

    Could buildings be designed to repair themselves?

  • 50:47 - Why can I squirt a jet of saliva?

    Hi, In the base of my mouth, below my tongue I am sometimes able to eject a very fine spray of saliva out of my mouth. I know I am not the only person able to do that as a friend of mine could do this at will - he would lift and move his tongue and produce a fine jet of saliva...



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