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Tue, 17th Dec 2013

Super-shape me!

HeLa cells (c) TenOfAllTrades @ Wikipedia

How balls of cells assemble into a baby, why cell shape is crucial in cancer, telling cells where to go in an embryo, and getting a handle on how limbs develop: this week's Naked Scientists explores the science of structure. Plus, does classical music make you brainier? News of what your Christmas dinner means to the microbes in your intestines and a breakthrough in tracking the international spread of pandemics...

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  • 18:44 - Optimal crop irrigation

    New techniques could help farmers make better decisions about water use in arid environments

  • 21:08 - How pandemics spread

    Air passenger links between cities internationally are the most powerful determinants of disease spread, new reserach has shown.

  • 50:12 - Are all cells replaced in a body over time?

    Are all cells replaced in the body over time?

  • 51:17 - Do smaller organisms evolve faster?

    We know evolution happens over the course of generations, and smaller creatures tend to have many more generations than larger creatures over a given time period, that suggests they should be able to evolve faster. Is this the case and is there evidence of any organisms using thi...



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