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Tue, 21st Jan 2014

And now for the weather, in space...

The Sun (c) Eeron80@en.wikipedia

This week we investigate why the UK is investing in space weather forecasts. Plus how could changes in the Sun's activity affect us here on Earth? In the news, conservationists supporting the sale of a hunting licence for the endangered Black Rhino, gene therapy success for treating blindness-causing diseases, and do humans use anger strategically?

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Full Transcript

  • 01:16 - Human strategic use of anger

    People intentionally anger others to gain a competitive advantage in certain sitations, new research has shown.

  • 05:49 - Hunting the Black Rhino

    Why are conservation groups supporting the sale of licenses to hunt the endangered Black Rhino?

  • 09:59 - Keeling Curve Crowdfunding

    Crowd funding programmes have raised money for Hollywood films, but now it could even be used to monitor carbon dioxide levels

  • 13:22 - Treating blindness with gene therapy

    Blindness-causing diseases have for a long time been regarded as irreversible. But can gene therapy slow down or reverse the damage?

  • 49:44 - Are solar stoms visible in the air?

    What effects will we actually see - what will be manifest for us on Earth - when a solar storm event impacts? For instance, heat, UV, or maybe phenomena in the sky, apart from just weather?

  • 50:36 - Does the expansion of space slow the speed of light?

    Greetings, Naked Folks! I sort of get the explanation that, not only is the Universe expanding but that the actual SPACE in the Universe in expanding. Does this not affect the speed of light? So, for example, if you are looking at the universe from OUTSIDE the universe, would...



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