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Tue, 4th Mar 2014

AUTOMATE: The World of Robots

A model of the ExoMars rover (c) European Space Agency

Robots are under examination this week. Engineer Blaise Thomson, from Vocal IQ, designs speech systems for smartphones, Neil Bargh builds robots for science labs, and Airbus systems engineer Paul Meacham, who is building the next rover that will explore Mars, join Chris Smith, Dave Ansell and Ginny Smith to pit their wits against the assembled Cambridge public, answering questions like how would the Mars rover fare in Robot Wars? Plus, we make a motor from scratch and find out what happens when we dunk electronic devices in liquid nitrogen...

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Full Transcript

  • 03:52 - Robots that talk back

    Blaise Thomson explains how he designs spoken language interfaces to allow computers to speak to us...

  • 21:53 - Robots in the lab

    How do robots help scientists with their work every day in the lab?

  • 33:33 - Simple Motor - Homopolar motor

    This is about the simplest electric motor you can build, and is the same type as the first electric motor built by Michael Faraday

  • 36:55 - Building a Mars Rover

    Paul Meacham explains the challenges he faces while working on building the ExoMars Rover...



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