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Fri, 13th Jun 2014

Gene therapy - Cystic fibrosis, blindness and more

Retroviral gene therapy vector (c) Jacob Mikkelsen / eLife

Twenty years ago, gene therapy was a great hope for the future of medicine - directly tinkering with faulty genes to cure diseases, but progress has been slow. Now, things seem to be changing. Plus, silencing crickets, evolving brain and brawn, and a flowery gene of the month.

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  • 14:44 - How crickets lost their chirp

    Crickets living on the tropical paradise of Hawaii have lost their chirp, and researchers have figured out why.

  • 15:41 - Mice with mohawks

    Mice with mohawk hairstyles could shed light on the human developmental condition autism, according to new research in the journal Nature.

  • 16:46 - Evolving brain and brawn

    Researchers have discovered that differences between humans and chimps evolved rapidly in our brain and brawn.

  • 17:59 - Blind mole rat genome

    Researchers have deciphered the genome sequence of the blind mole rat - an unusual underground creature that is resistant to cancer.

  • 19:29 - Dr Jacob Mikkelsen - Chopping genes

    Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen and his team at Aarhus university in Denmark have found a way to use a modified version of HIV to edit DNA in cells.

  • 26:04 - How many genes do I share with grass?

    Given that all life on earth is supposed to be Descended from a common source how much of our DNA do we share with some thing like a blade of grass?

  • 28:27 - Gene of the Month - Delila

    And finally its time for our gene of the month, and this time were venturing into the garden with a gene called Delila.

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