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Wed, 2nd Jul 2014

Captive breeding


Last week, the 2nd to last to last wild born Spix’s Macaw died. The 40 year old
parrot, named Presley, was thought to have inspired the film Rio- about a pet parrot who is discovered and taken to join a captive breeding programme. Spix’s Macaws are thought to be extinct in the wild, and less than 100 remain in zoos around the world. Most of these birds are closely related, so Presley was important because he was genetically very different. Unfortunately, although it was attempted, he never bred successfully, so his death is a huge blow for the future of Spix’s Macaws. 

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  • Captive Breeding

    Presley, the second-last wild-born Spix's Macaw has died, setting back captive breeding efforts.



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