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Mon, 1st Sep 2014

Nuclear Fusion


This week, we're exploring Nuclear Fusion, the power source of the sun. What is it and how can it help us on Earth? We visit the JET fusion facility to watch a test firing, we hear how lasers can be used to kickstart the process and how a new spherical fusion system could be outputting power within a decade. Plus, in the news, what lights up the Universe, how people are no smarter than pigeons when it comes to gambling and how the eyes can forewarn of forthcoming dementia...

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  • 23:29 - The Ice Bucket Challenge

    People are pouring ice cold buckets of water over themselves in aid of ALS, a form of motor neurone disease - but what is it?

  • 26:08 - What is Nuclear Fusion?

    What is nuclear fusion? Many of us might have heard the term kicked around before but do we know what it means. We go back to the basics...

  • 41:25 - Laser-Powered Fusion

    The tokamak method isn't the only way to creat fusion, scientists are trying laser fusion...

  • 47:25 - Doing Fusion A Little Differently

    General Fusion are a company trying a combination of methods to try and create energy but their methods are different than others...



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