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Mon, 8th Sep 2014

Does nature do it better?

alder leaf beetle from the High Tatras (c) G Bohne

This week we’re looking to nature to solve some of today’s biggest problems - from climate change to water shortages. We hear how spiders hold the key to making the strongest material known to man and how insect ears have inspired the world's smallest microphone. Plus, why Bruce Willis might be making you fat, the Arctic ice sheets that are melting despite headlines to the contrary, and why thousands of languages are on the brink of extinction...

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Full Transcript

  • 25:00 - What is biomimetics?

    What is biomimicry and how can we copy nature?

  • 29:40 - Can we copy spider silk?

    Spider silk has a range of useful properties that could be used in a huge range of applications. But can we make it artificially?

  • 36:49 - How do insects hear?

    How do insects sense sound? We hear from a scientist using this information to design the world's smallest microphone...

  • 44:27 - The Sahara Desert Project

    How one beetle inspired a project that made deserts green again...



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