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Tue, 18th Nov 2014

Robots in Society

Robot (c) JD Hancock

Meet Brian, the robot programmed to help look after the elderly. Plus we explore the role of robots in combat and in the classroom and we explore the ethics of how science shapes society. This special Naked Neuroscience podcast series, supported by the Wellcome Trust, reports from the International Neuroethics Society annual meeting at the AAAS headquarters in Washington DC and features guest robots Brian, Casper and Tangy, as well as human contributors Goldie Nejat, Barbara Sahakian, Paul Root Wolpe and James Giordano.

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In this edition of Naked Neuroscience

Full Transcript

  • 02:01 - Meet the caring Robot trio!

    Meet Brian: he encourages those with Dementia to eat. Casper helps with food preparation and Tangi helps get people together for bingo!

  • 07:49 - Should robots replace humans?

    Exploring the ethical issues surrounding using robots in warfare, healthcare, and the classroom.



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