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Tue, 2nd Dec 2014

The Internet: the good, the bad and the ugly

Inside the Internet (c)

This week we delve into the Dark Web, a hidden arm of the Internet where Google doesn't dare to search and where drugs, guns and hitmen are offered up for sale. We explore how the World Wide Web works, and ask whether it can remain unregulated, free and open as it is now? Plus, in the news this week, the worm found lurking in a patient’s brain, how scientists have grown pain nerves in a Petri dish, and what do dogs hear when we speak to them?

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

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  • 01:04 - Are we contaminating space?

    To boldly go... just make sure you don't have any hitchhikers.

  • 05:01 - The mosquito genome

    Understanding genetic differences between mosquitoes that can and can't carry malaria will lead to better controls for the disease

  • 09:29 - Brain worm!

    A man went to the doctors complaining of a headache, strange smell sensations and fits. A worm in his brain was to blame...

  • 13:56 - Creating pain in the lab

    To defeat must create pain.

  • 19:41 - Does your dog understand you?

    When we speak to our dogs, is anything going on behind those puppy-dog eyes?

  • 25:02 - What is the Internet?

    What is the internet? What happens between when you type in a web-address and when the webpage loads? The Naked Scientists find out.

  • 30:45 - The positive power of the Internet

    Want to learn a language for free? Find out how the Internet is allowing projects like DuoLingo to thrive...

  • 39:10 - The dark net

    The secret realm of the Internet used for both shady dealings and freedom of expression.



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