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Fri, 20th Feb 2015

Botox, Anybody?

Botox Injection (c) Markus Grossalber

Botox injections in the nervous system, keeping brain tissue alive, and the shifting axis of scientific influence...

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In this edition of Naked Neuroscience

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  • 01:54 - Preparing for brain surgery

    A patient prepares to have his brain tumour removed. But what will happen to the sliced out tissue? Will it be burnt? Or put in the bin?

  • 04:36 - Slicing through the brain

    Brain surgery comes to a successful close. We meet the scientist who receives the removed human brain tissue...

  • 08:56 - Botox injection, anyone?

    Botox, one of the deadliest toxins ever discovered by humans, is found in off sausages, helps iron out wrinkles, and treats tremors

  • 14:28 - What does a brain slice reveal?

    What can a human brain slice reveal about epilepsy? We measure the electrical activity of tissue removed following brain surgery.

  • 27:07 - A neurosurgeon as a Dad

    Anita Sengupta reveals what it is like to have an ambitious and visionary neurosurgeon as her Dad...



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