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Tue, 17th Mar 2015

Chasing Rainbows: The Quest to Understand Light

People and Colour (c) Philip Garsed

Is it a particle? Or is it a wave? This week we're looking at light. From its earliest origins and what it can reveal about the Big Bang, to why Newton prodded his eye with a needle to probe the origins of colour, how the brain decodes the visual world and bionic implants to reverse blindness. Plus, in the news, a revelation in the remarkable colour-changing capabilities of chameleons, how an ultrasound can combat Alzheimer's Disease, and what people do with their fingers following a handshake...

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  • 17:56 - Finger-sniffing good

    Nice to sniff you? Scientists have shown that people sniff their fingers twice as often after a handshake...

  • 21:38 - What is light?

    Light continues to perplex scientists today, so we take a look back in history to try and understand what it is...

  • 30:52 - Bionic eyes

    Light is fundamental to how we see, but what happens if our eyes can no longer detect light? Could we make bionic eyes to treat blindness?

  • 36:02 - Do you see what I see?

    Light is fundamental in how we see the world around us but how do we perceive it? Do you see something different to everyone else?



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